Time Wasters

Part II of III –

I called Go Daddy – waiting on hold for less than a minute. After asking a few questions and looking at our account, the customer service rep suggested upgrading our outdated POP email server to an Exchange one. He diligently walked me through setting everything up on our iMac, two iPhones and my iPad… and it all worked great. Only costing $155 for three years.

During our conversation I mentioned my next move was to add Office 365 from Microsoft. “I can do it for you right now, saving you $100 over three years,” he said. I always like a good deal, so I said yes. The process took about a half hour… and, after $190 more, I was off and running.

For our iMac, Kathy and I are both ‘Users’ – which means we log-in separately and the screen flips to our individual account. I proudly called Kathy in and showed her how much better Office 365 is than our old 2008 version. Then she went to her account… and discovered she could only Read documents, not Edit them.

I’ll speed through the story at this point to share the order and length of calls: 1) Go Daddy – 30 minutes with Microsoft Support on the line to determine everything should work fine; 2) Apple – two hours before deciding it’s an Office 365 issue; 3) Microsoft – one hour and 20 minutes, concluding since we purchased through Go Daddy, it was back to them to resolve; 4) Go Daddy – one hour to discover we needed to upgrade Kathy’s email to a higher level at an additional $10 per month.

Next: Finally… resolution.


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