Terrific Attitudes

Part III of III –

It took me about 15 seconds of pondering to ask: “Would it be possible to refund the Office 365 charges, and I’ll buy it directly from Microsoft? That way we’ll figure out how to make it work without involving Go Daddy.” He said, yes, and the credit was immediately applied.

So back to Apple I went… and less than an hour later – for $100 per year – everything worked perfectly. Well, except for one small challenge. In the transition, somehow Kathy lost all of her saved emails. That wasn’t the most enjoyable news I ever delivered; however, she handled it well.

Through all the drama, I was amazed at the professionalism and courtesy of everyone who helped me. I spoke to at least eight different people and everyone was well-trained, polite and came across as truly wanting to resolve the issues.

When I reflected on this lengthy experience, I thought about those folks, based in the U.S., Ireland and India, spending eight hours every day dealing with frustrated customers… and how they treated me. That’s something I’ll remember the next time I have an issue with a company – or someone has an issue with me.

Empathy and patience are gifts to be shared.


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