Smooth Shave

For Christmas, our son received a single-blade razor subscription from his longtime girlfriend’s father. When he told me how much he liked it, I had a chuckle‚Ķ reflecting back on watching my oldest brother – who was born in 1946 – shave some 50 years ago with a similar version Gillette abandoned for ever increasing multi-blades.

Kyle took the time one recent Saturday to send an email to the company, sharing his positive experience with their product. He also asked a couple questions about possible future innovations, one of which was: “When will you produce a smaller-sized shaving lotion that meets airline travel restrictions?” Within minutes a senior product leader responded with gratitude and addressed both of his inquiries.

Feedback is an overlooked and underappreciated gift. Whenever someone takes the time to provide it – whether affirmation of behaviors to be repeated or redirection on ones that need improving – the only thing to say in response is ‘thank you.’ It’s a numbers game: the more feedback you receive the better you become. So openly encourage it from your team.

Of course, you’ll make a great impression on the giver to check your emails on the weekend and reply right away.


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