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Fifteen years ago at the launch of Success Handler, LLC – with the assistance of a terrific marketing company, The Business Lab – we developed our website. In 2012, we did an update. (Thank you Kathy Ellis and Karl Kreig for your wonderful talents on both those occasions.)

Creating our 2018 strategic plan in November, one of our ‘Won’t Do’ items was ‘Redux Website.’ However, I decided to adjust that after seeing a Super Bowl commercial about DIY website creation. While I couldn’t tell you who that advertiser is, having been a Go Daddy customer since the beginning, I called and asked about their product.

Some two weeks and 30+ hours of my personal learning curve and creative effort later, the new look debuted on February 21. It’s much more succinct, focused on our current offerings and has a modern feel.

While I have no idea how plug and play (or place) technology works, I’m amazed at how easy it is to publish content – including, by the way, this blog. The 0’s and 1’s that make up the digital world are waaaay beyond my ability to comprehend. All I know is with a little time and vision, anyone can do amazing things.


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