Rudolph’s Wisdom

11 Things You Can Learn from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
(Originally published December, 2004)

1. Everyone Makes A Difference – Despite not letting him play in their games, the other reindeer came to understand Rudolph’s importance. Look for the talents in each of your employees.

2. Have Courage And Confidence – At first Rudolph ran from his problems, then he came back to face them. When things are tough, keep working hard and believing in yourself.

3. Don’t Always Listen To Experts – Hermey went against the wishes of the elves and became a dentist. Be receptive to others’ advice… and remember, in the end you know what’s best.

4. Know Who You Are – Donner covered up Rudolph’s nose, yet eventually everyone found out. Customers will discover if you’re not really who you say you are, so train your employees well.

5. Keep Learning – Yukon Cornelius knew Bumbles bounce. Seek new information often about your business, your industry, your competition and your customers.

6. Tell Your Story – Burl Ives’ narration in Rudolph ties it all together. Let customers and prospects know the benefits they receive to distinguish your business from competitors.

7. Be Innovative – Yukon had Hermey oink like a pig to distract the Abominable Snowman. Look for opportunities to improve your operations by doing things differently than you always have.

8. Be Creative – The elves drop toys by umbrellas, which is much faster than Santa going down chimneys. Find ways to make your employees more productive… and make you more profitable.

9. Recognize The Obvious – Santa was ready to cancel Christmas, then realized Rudolph’s nose was the answer. Next time you have a problem, see if the answer is right under your nose.

10. Recycling Is Good – Santa found homes for everyone on the Island of Misfit Toys. Review your marketing and training materials… and determine which ones need to find a new home in the recycling bin.

11. Capitalize On Milestones – This milestone anniversary of Rudolph proves there is opportunity in longevity. Celebrate and publicize your next significant anniversary all year long.


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