Lessons Learned – #10

Each December, I pause to share with my newsletter readers the ‘Top 10 Things’ I learned during the year. Here’s wishing you peace and success in the New Year… as we begin with Lesson #10:

Broken Promises – Returning from last year’s Christmas trip, we discovered a large window on the back of our home cracked top to bottom. We contacted a local glass company… and the installer and helper arrived four hours after the scheduled time on a cold night. For 90 minutes we huddled in blankets as they did what glaziers do. The next morning I went outside to check their handiwork and discovered it was terrible. Then I realized the loud noise I heard when they left was their truck backing against our mailbox and knocking it askew. It took multiple unreturned calls and several trips for them to make good on their poor craftsmanship and driving skills. A few days later I remembered our next-door neighbor is in that business.


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