Redefined Inspiration

In the 1991 Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Will Rogers Follies, Keith Carradine – in the leading role – delivers a song highlighting the legendary humorist’s most famous line: ‘Never met a man I didn’t like.”

Try the shoes on that are his, Feel what makes him what he is
What’s it like inside his skin, Living in the skin he’s in
Just like me a lump of sod, There but for the grace of God

Coincidentally, I know someone whose last name is Rogers – and while I don’t believe they are even distantly related by ancestry, their philosophy of life is similar.

My Mr. Rogers believes we are all here for a higher purpose. He believes everything we do is to honor God and our fellow humans. He believes there is no goal that he and his business team can’t stretch and achieve. He believes everything is going to work out fine, as long as we see things from many sides.

My Mr. Rogers is a former cross country runner who, even as an adult, competed in long distance running and cycling races… pushing himself to the limits. Until several years ago when a cycling accident left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Despite all of the hardships that come with that, he remains positive and upbeat, believing everything happens for a purpose – and his role now is to set an example that others see and use for motivation.

Never shook a hand I didn’t like, Royal Prince of Wales or working Joe
Though I know life’s one long rocky hike, Never met a man I didn’t like


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