Do Do

Clients often ask me how to be more organized, more productive, more time efficient. Typically, that leads to discussion around their work style: Check email first thing in the morning? Desk messy at the end of the day? Others managing your clock?

When we journey to a deeper level, the conversation turns to an exploration of the bigger picture: their approach to strategy.

There will always be new tasks and new priorities arriving at jet speed. There will always be new people to on-board to the team. There will always be disruptions – professional and personal – that get in the way at the worst possible times.

[Note: I listen to a lot of podcasts when working out, so apologies to the one where I heard this next idea. I really don’t remember the source; however, I love the approach, so I wanted to share it.]

To ensure you and your organization/team focus on strategy and not busy work, place every possibility into one of these four categories: ‘Must Do’ that drive success. ‘Should Do’ when you have time. ‘Could Do’ in a perfect world. ‘Would Do’ when you find that magic wand.

This way you’re sure to keep your eye on the important things and not the easy ones.


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