Pet Peeves

For two decades, I have put in writing my ‘view of things’ – first for the magazine we sent to our franchisees when I worked in that industry, then through the e-newsletter I penned for 14 years, and lately this blog. During those 300+ missives, I’ve never listed things that get under my skin… until now. Here are 35…

> Drivers who weave in-and-out of traffic
> Gas stations that still price their product in 9/10s of a cent
> Fast food restaurants that get my order wrong
> Servers who try to grab my plate when there are still a couple of bites on it
> Weathercasters who scare people, then nothing happens
> Needing to send multiple emails to get people to reply
> Texting auto-correction
> Junk mail and junk e-mail
> Cell calls disguised to look like they come from my number
> People who look at their cell phones during meetings
> Typos in newspaper or online articles and especially in books
> Websites that let you read a few paragraphs then say you have to pay to see the rest
> Typing my customer account number into the phone then when the service rep finally comes on the line, having the first question be: ‘What’s your account number?’
> Masters who fail to pick up their dog’s doodle in my yard
> People who cough into their hands instead of their elbows
> People who don’t wipe down the workout equipment when they’re done
> Shaking hands with people who have sniffles (maybe I’m a germaphobe?)
> Those in the men’s room who leave paper towels lying on the floor and don’t wipe the sink when they’re done
> People who missed Matthew 7:5 and John 15:12
> Sermons that last longer than 10 minutes
> Big corporations that slow-pay small suppliers
> Television news programs that are one-sided – either way
> Trash pick-up service that comes at a different time each week
> Light bulbs that burn out sooner than manufacturers claim
> Having to sign a credit card receipt for a purchase under $20
> Airports that have different Security rules for keeping shoes on
> Airlines that have different rules for carry-on bags
> Oil change providers that always find something wrong with the car
> Sporting events that run over and cause our DVR to miss the delayed end of a show
> Fans who stand the entire time at football games
> Movie previews that last 20 minutes before the film starts
> People who look at their cell phone in a theater
> People who explain – loudly – what’s happening during a film or musical
> Cereal prices that stay the same while the boxes get smaller
> Politicians who don’t show conviction in their beliefs
> People who share their pet peeves


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