Judge Mint

Chocolate or Vanilla. F-150 or Silverado. Ginger or Mary Ann. Every day at work and at home, life is a continuous stream of choices… and each one has some degree of impact on what follows afterward.

Hit the alarm snooze button one too many times and you’re 10 minutes late for that early morning meeting. Eat smaller portions and skip that frequent glass of wine for 30 days and you drop 10 lbs. Take a different path home one evening and you discover later a serious accident occurred on your regular route that could have involved you.

Since there are so many things you can’t control – the price you pay at the pump, whether Social Security remains solvent when you reach retirement age, what happens at the end of the final episode of Game of Thrones – it makes sense to be intentional about those things you are able to influence.

Teenage daughter going to prom on Saturday night with someone you don’t know? Be at your front door to greet her date… and ask a lot of questions.

New employee starting on Monday? Make time in your schedule to spend with him over the next several weeks to ensure he’s getting everything needed to be successful.

Driving in heavy traffic? Put the cell phone away and stop surfing all around the radio dial.

So many choices. So little time. Yet, so many opportunities to impact outcomes by focusing on the most important things.

Which brings me to… chocolate, F-150 and Mary Ann.


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