Mature Mindset

The Olympic Swimming Trials are in full swing this week, and since the nephew of a good friend of ours is one of the world’s best breaststrokers, we’ve been watching. (Of course, Michael Phelps is competing, too, so that adds to the fun.)

Last night as we watched the final lap of a women’s freestyle race in which I didn’t even know the swimmers – with the favorite clinging to a slim lead – I said: “She better watch out or Lane 5 is going to pass her.” My daughter responded: “Dad, you’re always so negative about sports.” Then my son said: “Yes, he is, and doesn’t that get old?”

Wow! Talk about a learning moment. I take a lot of pride in having a positive attitude – and it definitely shows up in our marriage, good health and business success. Yet, when it comes to sports, I am definitely a pessimist. That’s probably from a lifetime of experiencing the agonies of defeat sprinkled far too infrequently with some thrills of victory. (See Texas Longhorns football failing to win their last game of a season four times when it would have meant national championships.)

So this morning I made a vow. No more allowing sports to give me highs and lows. If my team or athlete wins, super. If they lose, so what? That has to be a much better way to enjoy life.


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