Holding Pattern

When we moved to Houston, we chose cable for our television service. Just short of eight years later we switched to satellite… and frequently endured the dreaded ‘lost signal’ disruption during torrential downpours.

Over the next nine years, our monthly bill continually drifted upward… topping $135 recently – without any premium channels. (Yes, I called regularly to request decreases, and the “$5 off for six months” offers didn’t meet my expectations.)

After a lot of research and a trip to Best Buy to ask questions, I decided to cut the cord and cut the cost. Then I realized that transition would be a big time commitment during one of my busiest seasons, so we switched back to cable to save $50 every month.

Today, George from AT&T arrived promptly at 9 a.m. for the installation, which was ‘expected to take 2-4 hours.’ He left at 7 p.m. – accompanied by a senior service rep, Theo, who joined him midway through the arduous process. They ultimately determined our 18-year-old wiring didn’t provide the necessary signal strength and replaced it.

George never took a break during the 10-hour ordeal… although I did make him a ham and turkey sandwich that he munched on between multiple trips up and down our staircase, into the attic and out to the wiring box. He also never complained nor appeared frustrated, and when he shook my hand to leave said: “This has been a great learning experience for me.”

Attitude is an essential piece of success – in sports, in work, in health. Something tells me George is going to excel in life.


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