Major Disappointment

In September 2017, Hurricane Harvey devasted a large part of Houston. During the following weeks, the Astros run to the World Series energized and united the city. Much of America got behind the team – and ‘Houston Strong’ became the rallying cry.

The Astros had more success – making it to the ALCS in 2018 and the World Series last year. Then the bottom fell out. A former player went on the record about a massive cheating effort to steal opponents’ signs. The Commissioner’s investigation verified the allegations and he took swift and harsh action.

Failing to act cost the General Manager and Manager their jobs. It cost the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox their Managers who had ties to the Astros. It impacts the legacies of several All-Star players. It forever taints the Astros World Series rings.

While sports may hold too high a priority given the world’s many problems, they serve as a window into the soul of a community. For an area that struggled to overcome the moniker ‘Choke City’ – a curse finally lifted by those 2017 Astros – this is one more gut punch.

Several people had the opportunity to end the cheating and let it continue. The end justified the means. The lesson? See something. Say something. Do something. Never stand by idly and look the other way. The light of truth will ultimately shine on you.


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