Family Fun

In the early days of our marriage, Kathy and I – huge college football fans – had a competition between us each year to pick winners of the New Year’s Day bowl games. (This is when there used to be lots of games that day.)

Having moved away from DFW, we returned in 2003 to be with my siblings and rang in the New Year at our good friends’ house. So naturally we invited them and our young kids to join in the fun.

Then in 2009, we extended it further… including my brothers and sister, and their spouses – and starting with games that begin the day after Christmas. This year the Handler Family Bowl Pool had 33 participants – extending now to my nieces and nephews and their significant others, plus their own growing generation of children.

The morning after each set of games, I email a spreadsheet and commentary to everyone… holding their interest through the Championship game. It’s a highly competitive family event.

While I’m the biggest football fan – and watch more games than anyone – over nearly 30 years, I’ve never won. Several times some folks who never watch claimed first place. (Like the time the winner picked all the teams that wear red!) Which is exactly why I NEVER gamble on football.

Side Note: Kathy quit participating long ago, because picking winners interfered with her enjoyment of the games. So we started a new tradition: Schlocky Hallmark Christmas movies. This year we watched 21. I love the holidays!


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