Honor Code

Two weeks ago I facilitated a training session over three days at a popular golf resort about 45 minutes from our home. Since we worked late into the evening, I stayed on site. The final morning, I tossed my travel bag in the trunk and moved my car from the sleeping rooms side to the conference center lot at 7 a.m., so I could leave as soon as the last session ended.

At 4:20 p.m., I got in my car, drove home, pulled into our garage and popped open the trunk. Arriving at the back of my 2009 Honda Accord, I saw the damage. Someone had backed into me – messed up the bumper and trunk – and, disappointedly, failed to leave a note. I asked the resort to check their video cameras; however, those didn’t capture the incident.

I filed an insurance claim and today took my car to a collision center. The total repairs will be more than $1,000 – all except $100 in labor costs. In Texas, we have uninsured motorist coverage, and since this was a hit-and-run my deductible will be $250.

Many years ago I stopped holding grudges against people … and definitely believe it’s better to forgive and forget. That said, there is a small part of me that hopes the offending person hits five lottery numbers this week and misses the Power Ball by a single digit.


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