Flood Control

The past many weeks in Houston were filled with rain… as in bucket-loads nearly every day. For weeks… as in pretty much seven days times seven weeks. One of the rainiest springs ever and the largest May downpour on record. Did I mention there’s been a lot of rain?

Of course, when you’re at 43-feet above sea level, a deluge onto saturated ground leads to flooding, which is what happened five days ago. You may have seen the headlines and television reports. I know a lot of our clients from around the country did, because they emailed to ask if our family is ok.

With an eight county metropolitan area of nearly 9,000 square miles – just smaller than Massachusetts and larger than New Jersey – this is a really big area. However, when the CBS Evening News leads with Scott Pelley saying, “Deadly Flooding in Houston,” many people think the entire city is underwater. In fact, the major damage occurred in a few isolated areas where rivers and bayous overran their banks.

The biggest sadness of the Great Flood 2015 is for those who lost loved ones. For others, the challenge in the days ahead is to rebuild the hundreds of ruined homes. For everyone else, we’re thankful this time the waters missed us… and praying the hurricane season that begins tomorrow takes a holiday from the Texas coast.


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