Ending the Political Madness

Over the years I’ve served on quite a few committees…and one thing they all have in common is a specific time frame of membership. Usually it’s a three-year overlapping term. That way three people cycle off each year, so you have continuity and experience balanced with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Which begs the question: Why does government operate differently?

Would we as a nation be better served by term limits? What if the president, senators and congressmen were only eligible for a single six-year term – no re-election campaigns, no lifelong politicians?

Of course, they’ll never pass that law themselves. So, here’s a modest proposal: Run a third party in upcoming elections to vote out all incumbents. All newly elected members will sign a pledge that their sole purpose is to pass the 28th Amendment: setting a one-time six-year term for all elected national officials. Upon achieving that lofty goal, each of the interim third party members will resign, and new elections will be held. I’m thinking there’s no other way to put control back in the hands of the constituents.


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