Yes, Indeed

You’ve probably had the experience many times of navigating automatic phone prompts before getting to speak to a live person. Often the last thing you hear is: “To participate in a brief customer service survey, please stay on the line at the end of the call.” There are typically multiple questions to answer on a scale of 1-low to 5-high.

A couple weeks ago I was working through an issue with an airline representative about missing mileage credit on one of my international flights. The person was polite, efficient and did an excellent job handling everything.

Since she was so nice, I stayed on the line: “Thank you for helping us be better. The only survey question is ‘Would you hire this person to work in your company?’ Press 1 for Yes. Press 2 for No.” So, of course, I pressed 1.

What a unique approach… and mutually beneficial. The company quickly received feedback on its employee and I disconnected knowing the extra 10 seconds of my time might help that representative get a gold star for performance.


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