Tom Tom

I hate Tom Brady.

I love Tom Brady.

Depending on where you live in this football-obsessed country and who you root for, you might have a lean toward one of those statements. As for me… they’re both true.

Based on success between the hash marks, ’12’ is the Greatest of All-Time. He led the NFL in passing yards this season; and will likely retire with the second most career yards… and most touchdown passes.

He has more wins than any starting quarterback with 233, which, incidentally, is 90 more than the other ‘Greatest’ contender – Joe Montana. Plus, his 27 playoff victories are the same as Peyton Manning and Brett Favre… combined! Then there’s those five Super Bowl rings and the one he might add in two weeks.

However, Brady winning so much is getting old, boring, frustrating. And the way he does it lately: falling behind by double-digits, then mounting heroic fourth quarter comebacks. For goodness sake, lose already. Need I mention he cheated? Yeah, Deflategate. You know those few ounces made all the difference. Perhaps there should be an asterisk by his name in the Hall of Fame? Oh… and how about the officials always making every call in favor of the Patriots. Conspiracy!

Yet, through love and hate, I admire Tom Brady: how he keeps his body in top shape at age 40, prepares for each game and laser-focuses when everything is on the line. The GOAT is a model for how everyone should approach their jobs.


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