Three Decades

June, 1989 – Let’s get in our Magic Time Machine and go back to see what’s happening in the world.

The first HDTV broadcasts take place in Japan. The Solidarity Party is victorious in Poland’s election, setting off anti-Communist uprisings in Central and Eastern Europe. The events of Tiananmen Square are forever etched in our memories.

And… in Arlington, Texas… Kathy and I exchange vows… 30 years ago today. We’ve shared many wonderful experiences…

the births of three children, now adults and soon to all be graduates of our alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin; UT football game tailgating; family vacations to Mexico, Walt Disney World (twice) and a few other wonderful places; Phantom of the Opera in London, limbo dancing in Jamaica and Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley wineries; our favorite restaurants; good health; financial resources; loving family and close friends

Happy Anniversary, Kathy. Here’s to 30 more.

Addendum: When I met with our long-time family priest to schedule the wedding at his church, his secretary came in with the parish calendar. She named several dates and I said, “That won’t work. The Rangers have a game that day.” After three tries, we found one. He later told us that when I left, she looked at him and said: “That marriage will never last, if he can’t give up going to a Rangers game for his wedding.” He had a good laugh… since she didn’t know I was the producer of their cable broadcasts.


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