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For the second year in a row I served as executive producer last week of the annual conference for a franchising company. After months of planning – and a lot of work by a lot of people – everything went splendidly… which is always nice after you put so much effort into developing a great experience for attendees.

Seeing the production crew convert an empty ballroom into a beautiful setting – with wide format banners, elegant lighting and video screens – in a matter of hours created a lot of energy for everyone who would be working the event. It was fun to meet an Olympic medalist, who presented the keynote address, and watch the cover band, which would deliver a rocking show to wrap things up, conduct their sound check and rehearsal. What was better is that these talented individuals were polite, friendly and had their egos in check.

The best part personally for me is a vision that popped into my head in February came to fruition in July through the creative efforts of many. Talented people pulled off every one of my “Let’s do this” ideas… and, when it was all over, one of them said: “I didn’t really get it when you requested all these different things – not seeing how they fit together. I learned to trust you and just go with it because you truly see the big picture.”

While I have no desire to return to my television roots and do more of these extravaganzas, there is something exciting about the rush of adrenaline as the clock counts down to show time. And, I must say, it’s fulfilling to witness everything come off without a hitch. Perhaps that’s what drives people toward success… whether you’re producing entertainment or widgets.


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