Decision Time

Our nation is at a crossroads – divided down the middle which way to turn. Choose wisely and we might soar higher. Choose poorly and the annals of history could note this is when it all ended… relegating the greatest democracy the world has known to just a date in a book… like every dynasty that preceded us.

I’m not smart enough to know the right answer. There are people who spend their entire lives focusing on economic and political strategies. I’m just a guy who lives in Tomball, Texas, that gets up every day and tries to be the best person I can be.

What I have learned in 36 years of working is that everyone is pretty much the same. Some people make more money, some less. Some people are book smart, some great with their hands. Some people seem to dance through life as if on a cloud, some struggle daily just to make it through. Ultimately, though, 99.62% of the people I’ve met during my career are good people who care about others and want to do the right thing.

I’ve worked with many people of different faiths: Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist. Spiritualists. Agnostics. Non-believers. Out of curiosity, I’ve had a lot of conversations about their belief systems. While the traditions and dogma vary, the bottom line is the same: start with love and make the world a better place.

I’ve worked with many people of different color – white, black, brown and blended mixtures in this great melting pot. For many years during my sports television career, the director who sat right next to me in the truck was black. We traveled together. Ate together. Worked together. Had many deep discussions about what he faced growing up… and he told me stories about the blatant discrimination his grandparents endured when they were young.

One time I said to Kathy: “There would be no racism, if every person on the planet had the opportunity to work side-by-side with JT.” For it is our lack of connection with and understanding of others that displaces love with fear… and that keeps alive conflict generation after generation after generation.

It’s time to make a decision. Will this be an inflection point… or a tumble?


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