Reset Button

Half the year is gone. Already. Like thisfast. Record heat may be enveloping the country, yet as sure as fireworks will light up the night sky on the Fourth of July, Christmas will be here before you can say, “Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.”

A review of our 2012 ‘Rocks’ – those items that are really important to the growth of Success Handler, LLC – shows we hit on several, haven’t finished some… and, as typically happens, forgot about a couple. That’s how it is with planning for tomorrow: you have to work on everything today, and today often ends up being yesterday because other things got in the way and you haven’t had anytime… this month.

Thus, June 30 is the perfect date to clear your slate and start anew. Spend two minutes celebrating your successes, one minute being frustrated for what didn’t happen, and move on. Get out a piece of paper and write down – or start typing on your keyboard – the best four things you’ll accomplish the rest of the year. Then make one more important change: instead of sticking that note in a drawer or losing track of it on your computer, place it on your desk or tack it to the wall and look at it first thing everything morning.

Rather than starting each day getting caught up in putting out fires, take the first 30 minutes to focus on your Rocks. You’ll soar far before it’s time to sing Auld Lang Syne in just 184 days.


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