My Shot

For the July 2016 issue of Fast:Forward, I wrote about the Broadway smash ‘Hamilton’ – and how watching my daughter’s friends sing the lyrics at her 18th birthday party convinced me that one day Kathy and I should experience the show live.

“I’m willing to wait for it.”

On Saturday, we achieved that goal – gifting our daughter with tickets for her 20th birthday to the National Touring Company performance here in Houston. While my expectations were higher than the extravagant ticket prices, it exceeded them.

“I wanna be in the room where it happens.”

Having listened to the soundtrack and read about Alexander Hamilton’s life, I knew the historical arc. However, seeing first-hand how Lin-Manuel Miranda blended a brilliant score with precise staging was amazing.

Talk less. Smile more.”

Afterward, Kathy and I agreed “Hamilton” is the best musical we’ve seen – surpassing “Phantom,” “Les Mis” and “Wicked”. Best of all was a subtle twist in the end that shifted the focal point in a different direction.

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?”


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