Movin’ Out

Part I of II

At Target today to pick up some things, I saw a lot of moms – and a few dads – shopping for essential back-to-school items. One little boy of about six was smiling and saying how excited he is for what’s ahead. That took me back to making those annual shopping sprees with our own kids.

Of course, they grow up so fast… and before you know it, they leave for college. Then, if things fall right, that first job is back in their home city – and they have an apartment about 15 minutes from the house where they spent those important formative years.

And so it was for our son, Kyle. Until recently… when ExxonMobil informed him that he’s relocating to Nashville. He, too, is excited about what’s ahead… and, as I write this, he’s there looking for a place to live for a few years until the next assignment beckons.

I’ll miss the young man I called ‘Little Buddy’ as a boy and now refer to as ‘Bud.’ I’ll miss my golf partner. I’ll miss the Sunday dinners at our house. I’ll miss having him help with ‘just a few small things’ whenever he visits. I’ll miss seeing his great smile. Yet, I know this is the way it’s supposed to be. We raise our kids to find their own paths and add value to the world.

As the Oak Ridge Boys’ song says: “When you get down on your knees tonight / And thank the Lord for his guiding light / Pray they turn out right / Thank God for Kids.” While there will be distance between us, my relationship with Kyle is a great one. And for that I truly am most thankful.

Next Time: My Home-Buying Checklist


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