Mask Charade

From my earliest childhood memory, going to church is something I’ve enjoyed. Whether getting out of bed on Sunday mornings during college, or Kathy and I taking our three kids each week through their high school years, or now when it’s only the two of us, remaining committed to attend is a priority. While faith is involved, it’s also about focusing on something greater than myself and expressing gratitude for blessings.

The past two months of a global pandemic changed our Sunday mornings from getting dressed and driving to a building into sitting on the couch barefoot and watching an online service with empty pews. While churches are starting to reopen with proper social distancing and limited attendance, I don’t plan to hurry back anytime soon.

The ‘aha!’ moment as I reach age 60 in two weeks? It’s not about the building; it’s not about the pageantry; it’s not about the ‘big T’ or ‘little t’ traditions. Nor the dogma. Nor the shared beliefs. Nor the time, treasure and talent. All that is human construct.

What does matter is do I place – 24/7/365 – the needs of others ahead of myself? If the answer is yes, then it’s not important which religion I resonate with or what location I attend. There are no points given in Heaven for showing up. The question I’ll someday have to answer is did I keep the new commandment to “Love one another as I have loved you (John 15:12)” for more than just an hour on Sundays?


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