Lessons Learned – #8

Lesson eight learned this year:

Energy Drain  Our electricity provider contract came up last summer and we received a renewal offer that was 40% higher than the expiring rate. I called and said: “We’re a loyal customer. What’s your best deal?” The salesperson reduced it in half. I decided to price shop and found an option at the current rate, so I called back and gave them a chance to counter. “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.” I let them know we would be switching and asked not to be contacted after the fact. Sure enough, two weeks into the new contract, an email arrived saying they would match the rate. Let’s just say I called, confirmed we were being recorded, asked to make sure the president heard what I was about to share… and for 10 minutes railed about the way they treat customers. Unbelievably last week they reached out again: “We just wanted to find out why you decided to go somewhere else.”


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