Lessons Learned #2

Number two on the list of best things I learned during 2013:

Taking Action – July 4, 9 a.m. I’m trimming shrubs. An SUV slowly circles our cul de sac. The driver searches for something. Perhaps a lost dog. I walk over to his car. “Have you seen a 13-year-old boy in a green shirt on a scooter?” I shake my head. “Our son is autistic. He was in the driveway. This has never happened.” Let me help. I knock on five doors. One neighbor is home. We jump in our cars and start driving streets. I pass four policemen doing the same. One hour later. No sign of the missing child. I head home. In front of our house, the father talks with my wife. The boy is safe with his mother. Found three miles away. At a shopping center. We shake hands. Tears build in the man’s eyes. He leaves. Two days later a Starbucks gift card appears in our mailbox with a note: “David… Thank you for not hesitating to get involved in finding Andrew. ~ Chris”.


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