Future Lock

As year-end approaches and with it the end of the second decade of the 21st century, think back to what you were doing 20 years ago. I’m guessing somewhere on the list of items you recall is preparing for a worst-case scenario due to Y2K.

Of course, planes continued to fly, your computer kept working, and the world lifted a glass at midnight to welcome the new millennial. (Semantics that the actual millennial was still a year away were lost amidst marketing and hype with little regard for calendar accuracy.)

It’s amazing how many things now in our daily lives didn’t exist when we watched Dick Clark in Times Square count down the crystal ball drop on December 31, 1999:

GPS, Texting, Wikipedia, Skype

You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Xbox, Kindle, iPhone, Apple Watch

The Cloud, Bluetooth, AI, VR

Imagine what will come to the masses during the next 10 years:

Electric flying cars, personalized robots, plant-based food, customized medicine, cryptocurrency, nanofibers, Graphene, Mars, biofuels, new wave nuclear power

What an exciting time to be alive.

Now… if they complete that proposed high-speed rail from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth it will really be a great decade.


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