Change Magic

Some folks say the biggest fear people have is giving a speech. Others claim it’s being buried alive. A few believe it’s being buried alive while giving a speech. Of course, the most likely biggest fear is… change.

Think about some of the big changes in your life. Going to a new school in junior high? Unsettling. Starting your first full-time job? Scary. Watching your 16-year-old drive away in the car alone? Frightening.

Change just doesn’t feel as comfortable as that old pair of shoes, as familiar as that drive you take to work every day, as tasty as that dessert at your favorite restaurant. Yet shoes wear out, roads get rerouted and restaurants revise their menus.

Rather than fear change, perhaps the magic comes when you approach it as an opportunity to experience something for the first time. To lean in and anticipate the possibilities. After all, what’s the fun in going through life without ever standing in front of an audience and giving it your best shot?


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