Back Again

So I looked up recently and realized somehow – except for my annual year-end lessons recap – I forgot to Blog since August. OK… so I didn’t really forget, it’s just that these missives took a backseat to other areas of focus in my practice.

That happens, doesn’t it? You get rolling along – on a project or assisting new customers or picking up the slack for a departed employee – and suddenly weeks have passed quickly.

One of the most frequent topics my clients bring up during coaching sessions is how to prioritize effectively and efficiently. Of course, everyone has a boss (even CEOs) and often that person is the driving force behind the topic du jour… or du month. That said, leaders at all levels make conscious decisions every day as to where they will spend time.

The key to making the right choices is to continually check your output against what drives the most value for your business. Much like it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a time to every purpose. Sometimes you have to be in the weeds. Sometimes you need to be strategic.

The roadblocks and disruptions occur when you lose control over which time is right now.


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