Auto Repaired

Two weeks ago I was reviewing our checking account balance online when I noticed two charges for our monthly car lease. Kathy tried to call about it throughout the day and continually received a busy signal. The next morning an email arrived explaining they were testing a new payment processing system when “a number of Honda Financial Services customer accounts were mistakenly debited.”

They immediately refunded the charges – and a few days later a letter arrived from a Senior VP that included:

“I am writing… to apologize for our mistake… I deeply regret the inconvenience and potential hardship this has created for you… This is not acceptable and we understand that this does not meet your expectations… We are doing everything in our power to make it right… You are our number one priority.”

They also offered to reimburse any subsequent costs incurred because of their error.

Things happen in every business. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Somebody messed up and somebody has to clean up. Eventually it will be your turn. Learn from this excellent recovery. Many times, if you handle the back-end right, customers will forgive you.

We’ve purchased five Hondas over the years… and will continue to be loyal to the brand.


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