More 2018 Lessons Learned

December 21st, 2018

Part II of II Here are more lessons I learned during the past year: Express Lane – Remember the Information Superhighway? That’s so last century. Web 1.0 brought us static pages. Web 2.0 provided interactive connectivity. Web 3.0 is here, and as Peter Diamandis noted in his November 18 ‘Abundance’ newsletter: “During the next…

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Lessons Learned 2018

December 20th, 2018

Part I of II During the 14 years I wrote a monthly newsletter, the December issue focused on the ’10 Things I Learned’ the previous 12 months. While Fast:Forward ended a year ago, I am inspired to share these 2018 lessons: Experience Speaking – Last month during an alignment meeting, a boss gave this…

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Counter Approach

November 26th, 2018

One of the many Cognitive Biases – errors in thinking when interpreting the world around us – is Self-Serving Bias. Defined as ‘the tendency to claim more responsibility for successes than failures,’ it can be summarized as judging myself by my intentions and judging others by their actions. When I mess up something, my…

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Do Do

November 23rd, 2018

Clients often ask me how to be more organized, more productive, more time efficient. Typically, that leads to discussion around their work style: Check email first thing in the morning? Desk messy at the end of the day? Others managing your clock? When we journey to a deeper level, the conversation turns to an…

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Redefined Inspiration

November 20th, 2018

In the 1991 Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Will Rogers Follies, Keith Carradine – in the leading role – delivers a song highlighting the legendary humorist’s most famous line: ‘Never met a man I didn’t like.” Try the shoes on that are his, Feel what makes him what he is What’s it like inside…

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